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A disease that make you a permanent faggot and CANNOT be cured. Symptoms are:
1)Flailing your arms at random moments and thinking it's funny
2)Denying you didn't surpass stage 1
4)Starting to like fat men
5)Thinking that elementals are real because you read it on scifi.com
6)Turning blonde (if you aren't already)
7)Wear glasses (if you don't already)
8)Beat Pedobear at his own game
9)Hording cock
10)Get a well paying job as a prostitute
11)Hanging out with cockblowers and jocks that think they're cool
If you have any of these symptoms, consult a doctor IMMEDIATELY
'At a hospital'
Person 1:I have appendicitis. I think I'm going to die
Person 2:I have Hynemanitis...
Person 1:0.0
by MrPurple510613 January 21, 2012

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