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#1: a.k.a. better then yoshi

#2: a very good example that even when you suck
u dont have to be a bad person, u see no one is perfect
we are all just people/monster from videogames

#3: a good way to get thumb down, for definiting kirbi on UD, from kirby haters, yoshi lovers, people haters, English proffesors (i know my gramar is bad), myself and of course from jack thompson-ye yoshi and jack are good friends cuz
yoshi has kept jack in bussines by showing young kids
another way of killin ppl *lick, lick-DIE!! DIE!!*

Example #1:
NintendoFanboy#1: Yo kirby is so much better then yoshi.
NintendoFanboy#2: No way! Yoshi licks yours kirbys mushroom up!
NintendoFanboy#1: DIE!!!
NintendoFanboy#2: DIE!!!
*2 nerds dead, 1000000000000000000000 to go*

Example #2:
jesus loves ya all (expect emos and yankees)

Example #3:
i hate u and im so much better the u
*lookin in the mirror and givin myself a thumb down on UD*
by Mr.NotSoFunnyButAtLeastTrying December 15, 2007
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