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To leave, usually quickly and to avoid being seen.
Synonyms: ghost, Swayze, dip, Audi 5000 etc.

Based on television character Polkaroo who would disappear before the second host of the polka dot door could see him.
"Is that your ex walking towards us?"
"Polkaroo ."
"Where's Uncle Jesse? He owes me money."
"sorry guy, he's Polkaroo ."
Source: Mr C.., Toronto
by Mr.. C. March 4, 2008
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Criminal activity associated with fraternity members. Usually date-rape.
"Bro, where's the Rohypnol? I want to do a little popped collar crime."

"This is Duke; we won't go to jail for popped collar crime."
by Mr.. C. March 4, 2008
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