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A copy of something that got completey twisted to become something else.

This phrase comes from the fact that lithium is used to help cure bi-polar disorders, thus the lithium copy is the other personality of an imaginative bi-polar person who consists of the original person/object and its lithium copy.
1. Jason is Paul's lithium copy; Jason enjoys throwing kittens off buildings, but Paul loves kittens and runs a nursery for them.

2. The deathcore band did a remix of the boyband's love song. The remix is a total lithium copy of the original, and is about a necropheliac fucking the dead body of his suicidal girlfriend.
by Mr. Morimoto April 03, 2010
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1. A pastry baked inside a pyrex dish, then filled with either custard or jam.

2. Life's little victories.
1. I baked a pyrex pie today in the oven.
2. Remember to enjoy life's pyrex pies.
by Mr. Morimoto January 22, 2010
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