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"Tommy Rawless" is a form of sex performed by a male. This sexual act is performed by using no condom and having no regard for his or her well being. The male often will regret the decision afterwards and will add more stress to his life. When a male has sex with a married women who has kids with no condom that male will be named "Tommy Rawless". When this form of sexual act is perform that male can be named "Tommy Rawless" or that form of action can be used as a verb in which case the word can be conjugated as "Tommy Raw-in".
This name was form by giving a bro name such as "Tommy" then given the nature of no Condom "Raw" and no regard for the consequences "Lawless"
Tom meets an old friend and has drinks with her. This girl was his first kiss and he hasnt seen her in 10 years. After a couple drinks Tom discovers this girl has 5 kids and is married. After a couple more drinks they decide to have sex in a car. Despite the girl being married and her having 5 kids sitting at home Tom decides to "Go for it". With no condom and no regard for what the consequences will be later, Tom gets laid. Tommy Rawless
by Mr. Mistakes August 19, 2011
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