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A city state of its own, Henderson Kentucky is where you can look into the bed of any truck and find way too many beer cans/bottles, fishing poles, and other random shit. There is a huge high school where everyone goes, and by high school I mean adolescent day care. Everyone loves killing stuff, especially fish and deer. No one is very sophisticated; they drive big stupid diesels, or Mustangs. You have to drive at least 25 minutes to get anywhere.

On the other hand: They throw outrageous parties where gunshots ring out, cops are called, and the usual "fight or flight" ensues. Lite beer is the drink of choice, usually chased with either cheap vodka, or Jim Beam. Mudding is always a favorable activity, as well as street racing, truck pulls, or some type of ATV racing.
I got super fucked up in Henderson, Ky last weekend; we started out riding 4-wheelers, ran out of beer, got more beer, went bow-fishing, ran out of beer, got a 5th of Makers Mark, kept bow fishing, smoked about 9 bowls, went home to build a bon fire, and shot fire works off for the rest of the night...... I made it to work the next morning on time though.
by Mr. Bite July 04, 2011

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