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This is by far the worst band that you could ever listen to, and i mean it. never ever listen to this band or else your ears will be scared forever. This band sucks major cock because their fucking beats arent even beats it sounds like they r just punching the fucking guitar and just banging on their gay ass drums.
That Mars Volta band can suck my left nut and eat my butt crust because they suck dick.

That Mars volta band r fucking douche bags
by Mr. Phill November 25, 2006
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Stephon marbury is the PG for the New York Fucking Knicks and is one of the best PG in the League. His clothing line is by far the Cheapest and the Fucking sexiest shit you could ever buy. Stephon is obviously one of my favorite players in the NBA but i just have to say it HE HAS A BIG FUCKING HEAD
Did you see Stephon Marbury fucking own all of those noobs today!

Yeah He has a big Fucking head
by Mr. Phill November 25, 2006
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