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1. An basic reference to a resident of the City of Seattle. This is commonly in reference to anyone around the Seattle area, but when properly used, concerns only with the residents of the City. A resident of Mercer Island or Bellevue, for example, are not "hip" enough to be considered to be true Seattleites.
2. (slang) A mildly derogative term for someone who consumes an excessive amount of coffee. This definition developed under the common conception that all Seattleites do is drink coffee, listen to indie rock, and act snobby.
3. A pretentious "hipster" who resides anywhere in western Washington, reads "The Stranger," and thinks they are "open-minded" because they attended an anti-WTO rally. Phyiscal characteristics may include pretentious goatee and somber paleness. Unmatching "hipster" clothes are also a must.
Jack is a Seattleite; he lives close to Pike/Pine and spends half of his time sipping chai tea and studying for his bachelor's degree.
by Mr. Opal March 06, 2006

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