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A show on MTV where rich-california slut/whore/bitches get spoiled up to the nose because of their rich, dependable daddy. I would personally like to go to one of those 16 year old spoiled sluts and brutally murder them. They never get a single thing done in life, except ask for a different colored SUV every day. Screw those bitches. Screw em all.
Monica was crying to her rich daddy because for her supersweet sixteen, she got a white escalade instead of a silver. That slut deserves to die.
by Mr. Heskey October 04, 2005

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When somebody sweats so profusely, there is no need to take a piss because all of the fluids come out of the head as sweat.

"Michael was in so bad of shape, even the most easiest of tasks made him to start pissing out of the head."
by Mr. Heskey September 18, 2005

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