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When a chick (normally with a fat-ass) sits right on the top of a guy's full blown boner. *It hurts like hell*
Guy 1: Damn bro, you good? Why are you holding your dick like that?
Guy 2: I just came from inside the party. There was this BAAAD BITCH with a huge butt...
Guy 1: Ayyyye! My boy got some ass!
Guy 2: Well it was good and all at first when she was grinding on me. Out of nowhere I looked down and I had a full-f*cking-chub!
Guy 1: And you f*cked her?! Congrats bro, didn't you had it in you.
Guy 2: Not exactly, I took a seat and didn't realize my little man was standing tall. All of a sudden her ginormous ass crushed my dick and bent it. SHE BENT MY F*CKING BONER!!!
Guy 1: Ouch...Cake On Top Of The Candle?
Guy 2: Exactly...*Falls over passed out*
by Mr. Anonymous435 January 26, 2015
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A rude insult you make to someone who has lazy-eye or is cross-eyed
Mike: Bro you got shit in your eye!

Dan: Don't even start me with your eyes! Tell your eye to wake the fuck up
by Mr. Anonymous435 December 9, 2013
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