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A Liverpool Football Club supporter, brother of Blogger: From the point of view of an Arsenal fan who subscribes to Arseblog. Blogger's brother (being a Liverpool fan) allegedly smashed Blogger's Arsenal mug when they were kids. Mugsmashers is now a common collective term used to describe Liverpool football club, its supporters and the city in general.
"Let's beat those mugsmashers!"

"Damn those mugsmashers for nicking that draw"

"I'm off to Mugsmasher Land for a bit of a do." (spurious)
by Mr Snail April 18, 2008
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Money set aside specifically for the purchase of sex; or for the rental of sexually explicit films.
"To make himself feel a little better, Dave removed the gash bash cash stash from the biscuit tin, and headed off to the red light area"
by Mr Snail April 18, 2008
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A derogatory term which people from Cardiff use to describe people from Swansea, in South Wales. Etymology: stems from "Swansea Jack" a dog who assited in the saving of several dozens of persons from various drowning situations by barking loudly from the beach/docks and thus drawing the attention of passers-by who were able to really help.
Cardiff supporter: "Fuck me, I can't believe those soddin' Jacks are back in the Championship!"

Graffitti in toilet of The Woodville pub in Cardiff "Kill all Jacks!"
by Mr Snail April 17, 2008
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