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Means an ATTACK, using information gleaned from a journey in a time machine that ascertained that THEY would have attacked US if we hadn't done it to THEM FIRST. A term of comfort, like gay and terrorist--shows the coiner (perpetrator of the Pstrike) in a GOOD light and the victim of the strike in a BAD light. An Americanism, like Neo-con for ISRAELI AGENT IN THE US GOVERNMENT.
Judge: You're charged with walking across the street and smacking this fellow in the teeth--how do you plead?

Defendant: He was looking at me funny, Judge. I suspected he was plotting to walk across to MY side of the street and hit ME. I had to hit him FIRST, to stop him. It was a preemptive strike. Not guilty.

Judge: I see. I find you obviously not guilty--case dismissed.

by Mouldoid April 10, 2007

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Another term of comfort. Coined for the comfort of the coiner, designed to imply that anti-homosexual attitude is down to FEAR (the dissenter is a WUSS), therefore the poof must be FEARSOME in some way. Leads the intellect away from the truth, that anti-homoism is down primarily to DISGUST (the dissenter is REPULSED), because the fudge-packer is disgustING. Sounds better--FEARSOME, than DISGUSTING. And AFRAID, than REVOLTED--more palatable for the coiner. Like gay for STUCK WITH IT TILL DEATH--NO CURE.
Sidney recoiled in horror, frantically wiping the dogshit from his palm: "Ugh--I'm gonna puke!"

"Don't be so wussy," says his mate, "you're just dogfaecophobic. I want nothing more to do with you."

Why have you just run across the street to me and beaten me half to death--is it homophobia? Are you WUSSY?
by Mouldoid April 10, 2007

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