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HSC or Higher School Certificate, is one cunt of a task, and you can almost guarantee that some fucking Asian will kick the shit out of you at. Although the entire year is culminated in three or four fucking cunt weeks of exams, that is only one bit of it, the whole final year (year 12 in Australia) counts towards your UAI (University Addmissions Index), which is a ranking that you get against the whole of NSW, which basically either makes or breaks your life, depending on whether or not you wish to attend university. It is a major cause of youth suicide, and on the rare occaision that some nip kills himself in the exam hall, that cunt eyed fucker is the most popular person in the room, because you can bet that they are gonna call of the exam after some Asian has just killed himself.
I once heard a story of an Asian who was failing an HSC exam, so he put a pen in each nostril, with the sharp bit pointing at his brain, and he smashed his face against the deask, his pens cam out the other side of his skull.
by Mot Ellivlem February 29, 2008

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