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Indie is a form of music that originates from England, Although not paticularly high in the states indie or indie rock is one of the most well known types of music in England,People who listen to this music, listen to a variety from mainstream bands such as The Killers Arctic Monkeys, or Oasis, to smaller bands that may be unsigned. You will see people and bands like theese at any british music festival.
There is no unique style for indie cloths could go from any jeans a tea shirt or shirt and a jumper or cardigan of some sort. Indie kids have no particular hate towards any other group uch a emo's, chavs ect. They will get along with most people and will usually also suport their local football team (thats soccer to you americans out there)
British Indie kid1:Have you heard the new arcitc monkeys album.

British Indie kid2: Yeah i'ts truely amazing like Sheffield United.

British Indie kid1: we'll have less of your football business.. do you wanna come see alvarez kings on saturday?

British Indie Kid2: Who are they?

British Indie Kid1:This new band there unsigned but realy good they should do quite well.

British Indie Kid2: Yeah ok i'll go.

British Indie Kid1:Good down at the plug (small but brilliant music venue) only a fiver to get in.
by Mort_93 April 26, 2009

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