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a yangsta is a person or thing that contains more yang than yin.

see also: yinish
also see: fat apple
fat apple, you're such a yangsta
by Morgasm May 31, 2004

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A lump is a large bump caused in pants when a man/boy/transvestite gets a boner and tries to hide it. Hence forming a large lump that makes the zipper go all funny.
Oh my cock! Look at Harold's lump. I didn't know sex ed videos could do that.
by Morgasm May 25, 2004

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A person or thing that stands out.
1: In nature if an animal is looking for food is it likely to go for the fat apple or the small apple?
correct the fat apple.
2: In nature if a human is looking for a member of the opposite sex is it likely to go for the one that stands out (fat apple) or the one in the background (small apple)
correct the fat apple

related: yangsta
related: yinish
by morgasm May 31, 2004

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