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1. Adj- excessively drunk, in a cheerful and non-destructive manner.

2. Proper Noun (Unauthorized; Specific to Ontario, Canada): Cousin to Polkaroo, the large polkadot kangaroo of children's TV classic "The Polka Dot Door". Where Polkaroo is a bastion of good morals and says only the word "Polkaroo!"(and incidental sexism, as adult males never see him), Loadaroo is a fell beast whose haunting cries (Loadaroo!) induce debauchery in all those who hear him.
1. Adj- "Man, he is loadaroo! We should have what he's having."

2. Proper Noun "Did you see the Captain? He's heard the call of Loadaroo. I foresee bad things for anyone who goes out with him tonight."
by MorganintheWilderness August 28, 2011
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