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A game so addictive and stupid, that you cannot quit no matter what. It is filled with 13 year old rage hard noobs who think they are the best, yet they feed and call roles they can't play for shit.

This game also consists of a rating system that is equivalent to a 1v1 match, but the catch is that it is a team game of 3v3 and 5v5. No matter how hard you try, carrying noobs in this game is almost like taking a shit while constipated, its not going to happen. Unless you are like extremely lucky. ELO Hell is the place all the baddies go cause they suck,and where the some goodies go cause the baddies couldn't be carried. ELO Heaven is where all the non-baddies go.
How the ELO system is interpreted in League of Legends.

Jesse: "Fak this game, the rating system isn't accurate, GG feeder noobs, you can't carry them, its too hard!"

The conversation before a ranked match-

NoobLord: "i Wana mid!"

thePro: "I don't think you should first pick into mid, you will get counter-picked"

NoobLord: "stfu noob i want mid, now im gonna feed and QQ afk"

People who call roles they can't play-

lol4lyfenoob: "ADC BOT!"

(later that match)

lol4lyfenoob: "gg noob jungler wont gank bot!"

derpmasterPro: "You are 0/12, and are pushing constantly, don't blame the jungler cause you suck, and don't call roles you can't play!"
by MorelloIamTryndamere August 05, 2012

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