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A MineCraft SMP owned by the YouTuber “Dream”(aka green crazed man who has too much clout). In this server there’s death, death, killing pets, blowing up things, drama, death, like 5 wars, death, death, drugs, death, ETC.
Scenario one-
Person1- Hey wanna do drugs?
Person2- Ohhh like the dream SMP? I’m not sure we break out in war
Person1- What

Scenario two-
Person1- Hey did you watch Tommy innet’s stream today?
Person2- Oh the one on the Dream SMP?
Person1- Yah
Person2- I watched it but I had to leave it early
Person1- Oh
by MoonEra September 17, 2020
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Scar from the _mcytc0ll4bx
person 1- damn youre such a sex lover
person 2- SCAR FROM THE _mcytc0ll4bx!??!!??!!!
by MoonEra July 13, 2022
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