1 definition by Moochymoochy

shes an all around amazing girl. shes super smart and nice. she always helps you first and she'll worry about herself later. she has a smile that could light up the darkest tunnel. a laugh that makes you smile. she has eyes that mezmerize you and she has a body but swears she dont. shes one of a kind and absolutely beautiful. all the girls hate her cuz all the guys love her, but she swears like shes so ugly. she deserves a slap for saying anything bad about her self because shes fucking perfect. and any guy that passes her up (Tyrese aka the guy she is in LOVE with) is the biggest idiot ever. no one ever thinks of talking shit about her because as sweet as she is she aint affraid to kick some ass. dont even think of messing with her family cuz the next thing you know ur laying on the groung wondering what the hell happened?!?!
Crystalin is a beautiful person.
by Moochymoochy October 25, 2018