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The city Toronto wishes it was. A place where strangely good looking people, hockey, beer and just having fun are the order of the day. Only city where smoking a joint on the street isn't frowned upon, it's encouraged. Referred to as the canadian Europe. Home to bands such as the Arcade Fire, Malajube, Mobile, Sam Roberts band, The Stills, and many more.Truly, the greatest city in the world, Montreal exudes awesomeness.

OH. AND MONTREAL BAGELS ARE THE BEST. no word of a lie, they bring all other bagels to shame.
Torontonian living in Montreal: Dude. My mom sent me a care package! Look, there's bagels, a hockey jersey and wow! A justin Bieber cd! Toronto is way better than montreal.

Montrealer: 1) That isn't a bagel, it's an unsweetened doughnut with sesame seeds on top. 2) Hockey is a relative term. The toronto maple laughs play ice-dance. 3)JUSTIN BIEBER? Dude, i just lost all respect for you.
by Montrealer1994 May 21, 2011

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