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Navel lint is one of those things or folks that tend to exist for no particular reason and which serve no useful purpose. You'll be sitting out on the back verandah with a beer in your mitt gazing out on your domain and you'll be having a good old scratch of your belly and, in your boredom, happen to inspect your belly button, having forgotten all about it or not noticed it in quite a few years. You'll give that a bit of an explore and lo and behold...there it is...navel lint. No discernible colour or hint as to its source and it manages to take your interest for a good two or three seconds while you wonder about its origin or purpose and feel a vague sense of pleasure having freed your navel of it. It's perhaps somewhat like the pleasure that only a boy can understand from a good successful nose or scab pick.

So that's what navel lint is - someone who has much in common with a crusty old scab or a bit of nose pick. Best way to handle them is to just flick them away.
There's a piece of navel lint that pops into the forum once in a while with the express purpose of stinking the place up. Nine times out of ten I'd ignore it but this time it made some particularly obnoxious and insulting remarks...
by Mitziel September 19, 2013
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