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To bullrush an unexpecting friend or enemy, and violently chest-bump them into a hard object such as a wall, locker, or other person. No hands are allowed to be used, chest only. While approaching one's prey, they must use advanced stealth-like movements, blending in with the crowd until the moment arises, then move in for the strike, announcing "Powshk!" as they make contact.
"Dude watch me wreck this kid"
"POWSHK!!!" (Victim flies through a concrete wall)
"haha i love doing that"
by Mister tibbles March 03, 2010

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One must first be drunk off their ass, usually the Male. Then he (or she in rare cases) must find a female and begin to get physical. After things start to get naughty and the male is eating out the female, he must then proceed to vomit into her vagina due to an excess of alcohol, immediately after which he must begin to engage in intercourse with her, ignoring the fact he (or she) just vomited into the very same opening he now has his penis (or other sex toy, in the case of a female) inserted in to. Very raunchy.
Oliver: The other night i performed a Tommy Z on some girl at that crazy party we were at.
Mark: Whoa dude thats crazy!
Oliver: Yeah. Too bad i didn't realized at the time it was my mom.
Kevin: Oh, that's unfortunate. She's still really hot though, you should hold your head high.
Oliver: Fuck you
by Mister tibbles February 23, 2010

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