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Tittie torture is the same thing as titty torture and tit torture. Women (or men >_>) who like different levels of pain or something other than typical gentleness will do this for sexual gratification.

It may involve breast bondage with ropes or tape, nipple clamps (or other devices like pliars or those tiny rubberbands), hitting or whipping the breasts, temporary or play piercing, temperature play (hot wax, ice cubes or any frozen object, warm curling iron, etc), biting or hard pinching, suction with something other than a person's mouth (lotion or soap bottles without the cap, vacuum attachments), electricity with devices meant only for safe use on the human body, chemical play (Icy Hot, peppermint oil, chilling-effect lip products, menthol), and abrasion (hairbrush bristles, toothbrush bristles, rough fabric, or other textured items).
I took it all off for tittie torture last night, and poured cold water over my chest. Then I dragged a necklace over my nipples. The sight of my nipples getting yanked back and forth and popping in and out of view under the rough beads was enough to get me wet.
After that I lightly put tiny clear hairbands on so that my stiff nipples were bulging and sensitive. I followed up by taping them with clear packing tape and ripping it harshly off so that my breasts bounced and my nipples were red and sore. Later I had to dig and pinch at my nipples to get the bands off.

To finish off, I scrubbed my nipples with my toothbrush and toothpaste. The combination of the cool mint and the rough bristles made me moan.


You ought to try it sometime. =D
by MissPumps September 08, 2009
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