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Ash is the "hero" of anime series Pokemon. I'm sure you've noticed that his last name sounds like "Catch 'em", a phrase used often in the show. He is incredibly dim, idiotic, and has no idea how to raise his Pokemon. If he didn't have Misty and Brock traveling with him he'd probaly be dead.
Ash Ketchum sucks at battling but somehow always ends up getting a Gym Badge.
by Miss. Self. Destruct. August 30, 2006

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Fruits Basket (also known as Furuba) is a shojo (girls) manga about a 16 year old girl named Tohru Honda who recently loses her mother and winds up living with the Sohma family. She soons finds out that the Sohma family is cursed with the vengeful spirits of the Chinease Zodiac and turn into animals when weak or hugged by the opposite sex. The story and characters are very original, which makes Fruits Basket a very popular manga.
I love Momijii from Fruits Basket!
by Miss. Self. Destruct. August 31, 2006

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1. Assorted dry flowers and leaves that give off a nice smell.

2. The cute pink haired, red eyed girl from the Harvest Moon RPG game.
1. The popuri that mom bought smells heavenly!

2. Popuri is the cutest character in the game.
by Miss. Self. Destruct. August 30, 2006

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