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These people are Kappa wearing illiterate individuals who prey on the old and the weak. They have bad diets and seem to be either drunk or high most of the time. They come from single parent families and think that smacking a baby is called parenting. They are racist and ignorant of what is going on around them. They eat fast food, and have really bad skin. Their men are mostly unemployed and always walking the streets at all times of the day, usually looking to rob a house, car or a person. Their women (or children!) are pregnant at the age of 13-15 and the parents are always pround of their kids. These people need to be rounded up and gassed so that the infection does not spread. Mainland Europe and the rest of the world lives in horror at the Orcs.
Hey man giv us a tab, i fuckin need one. wot u looking at fucking bastad (a Cahrva speaking to his close friend)
by Mishmash January 07, 2004
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