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1a. The inner and larger of the two bones of the lower human leg, extending from the knee to the ankle.

1b. A corresponding bone in other vertebrates. Also called shinbone.

2. The fourth division of an insect's leg, between the femur and the tarsi.

3. An ancient flute.

4. A slightly below-average MMORPG. At the moment it has 44 servers holding around 35,000 players at a time between them.

There are 4 types of characters: Knight, Paladin, Sorcerer and Druid.

Paladins would have been better named "Rangers" or something, since they are archers. Paladins are traditionally Holy Knights, using swords or a warhammer, and on horseback. But no... in Tibia they are archers.

The graphics are average, but are miproving with each update.

The player base is highly elitist and very anti-newbie which can make it difficult to get started.

PKing used to be a big problem but the creator of the game put in some features which helped calm it down a bit.

The gameplay is very repetitive and restrictive. For example, training is simply... click... wait for hours doing nothing, or chatting.

The game has no real plot, which makes the quests quite boring and only worth doing for the items, really.

The spell system is flawed, since you can get all the spells by lvl 36 (If I remember correctly). Meaning being a high level Sorcerer or Druid gets very boring. (I know this from experience.)

Well actually... the game gets very boring in general. Leveling is very laborious, as is 'training'. Which is why high level characters tend to get bored and turn their attentions to power abusing in various ways.

If you play this game you might one day ask yourself... "Why am I playing this? I don't actually like it... but I still play it."

My advice: If you don't play Tibia; keep it that way. If you play Tibia; quit.
1. Did you hurt your tibia?
2. Hey check out that insect's tibia.
3. Play me a tune on the tibia.

Person 1: I have the day off school tomorrow.
Person 2: What you gonna do?
Person 3: I dunno, play Tibia I guess...
by Minyana March 19, 2005
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