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3 definitions by Milz

A middle eastern brotha down with da homies.

**Dont get it twisted, Osama and Bin Laden are NOT sand niggas. Ma'fucka's like that are a disgrace to the Middle East**
Yo, that's my sand nigga right there, man. He from da M-East.
by Milz December 18, 2004
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"I am going to study in the library tonight!"
by Milz March 20, 2003
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the hottest guy eva 2 walk on this ugly - man infested earth!!
he is so hot!
hes my bf
i love u jesse marry me
how hot is jesse!
i no! hes so gorjuz
i love him! im gonna marry him!
no i am!
no shutup
i am
by Milz April 24, 2005
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