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A fairly large town in eastern/central massachusetts. With a population of around 25,000 people. Like an hour from Boston and the Cape right on 495. Route 16 goes right down the middle of town. Founded in like 1780

When the Italian or Sicilian Mafia came over to the US it based in 3 major places or cities, Boston Ma, Providence Ri and yes Milford Ma. The Mafia came over and started in those three cities or towns and then spread out all over the eastern seaboard. Jhonny Jacks is really Mafia and was prob full of people in the mafia just like the Italian Vets now.

It's got a ghetto in the center of town full of boarder jumpers and smelly short people for South America I think that are all like 4 ft tall, all look the same, all have like 5 kids and all drive around in white unmarked vans with ladders on top so they can reach the counter at kmart.

Also full of tons of Italians and guidos that all pretty much run the town and if your last name ends in a vowel you pretty much are set in the town and everyone else will love you. Unlike me and my family

Baseballs the thing in the town, its really good and we have a legion team which is coached by Mr Macchi who is really hairy and is super bipolar. Not as hairy as Mrs S. though and as stated in the other definition she should be a man.

Most people in the town are white and live in normal houses and everyone plays sports and it's a really nice town to live in and thats why all the other towns are jelous of us.
Milford Ma is a really awesome town.
Milford Ma has alot of Italians.
Milford Ma is not one hige ghetto like people think.
Milford Ma is really mafia.
Milford Ma is the town you wish you lived in.
by Milford is better June 28, 2011

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