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Explosions in the Sky is a four-man post-rock band out of Austin, Texas. They've released two full length albums which I highly recommend. Only 300 CD's were made for their first CD but they do plan on rereleasing it in the not too distant future.

As of now they're working on a Travels in Costants EP.
"Have you ever heard of Explosions in the Sky?"

"No... Are they on the radio?"

"No they're not on the radio, they're better than that."

"Better than that? What are you talking 'bout?"

"As in, the radio sucks balls."

"What are you talking about? They play popular stuff that OBVIOUSLY doesn't suck balls!"

"OBVIOUSLY you've watched too much MTV and fallen into the trap that is pop culture. You, my friend, have an obscured musical taste. Let me give you some CD's to listen to - This is the good stuff."
by MikeyBoy August 18, 2005
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Since it looks way cooler than lol, it means Land Of Liberty
I love living in this łöł
by MikeyBoy February 24, 2019
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