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When cooking microwave popcorn and it accidentally becomes burned, true popcorn enthusiasts will look for a few good men. These are the proud and few kernels that budded into golden, buttery, juicy pieces of popcorn. Among their scorched brethren, these few good men managed to survive the blistering nuclear heat of the microwave and morph into great eating material. Munchies have been known to aid in the finding of a few good men.
Person 1: Oh god, oh god! Burned... they're all burned man!
Person 2: Pull yourself together! There are a few good men in there, and, dammit, I'm going to find them!
by Mikey 3 Sticks February 03, 2008

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When there is a party and the cops roll up to ruin the night, the music is killed and the lights are turned off. Everybody tries to be as quiet as they can in their drunken state. It is a similar feeling to Anne Frank hiding from the Nazis, except without the genocide. Can be applied to any situation where people doing something illegal are hiding from authority.
Person 1: Hey man, was the party good last night?
Person 2: Yeah until the cops showed up. We were Anne Frank'n for like 15 minutes.
by Mikey 3 Sticks February 03, 2008

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