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A commonly misunderstood region of the country. South Jersey is slightly different than North Jersey. South Jersey calls it a hoagie thank you very much, and South Jersey residents know for a fact that none of them NONE OF THEM are anything, ANYTHING like any cast member from the Jersey Shore.

If you are from South Jersey you do not say "Joisy" and you definatly say "Wooder" not "Water"

Residents should be their own state and they know it. At the very least South Jersey should be combined with Delaware and Philadelphia and its suburbs to make a new state, South Jersey residents really are sick of being connected with the Jersey Shore and North Jersey in general.

New Jersey is a state that gets constantly made fun of by comedians and TV shows yet they make fun of North Jersey associating it with the mob and corruption, South Jersey has it's own downsides to make fun of thank you very much, we are plagued by drugs and corruption of our own we do not need the Mafia to be made fun of.

To summarize the difference between North and South Jersey, you can't gather more than ten people in South Jersey without at least one of them wearing a Philadelphia Phillies shirt in some way or another.

And no the Nets are not ours, when it comes to basketball we stick our heads in the ground and pretend we live in another part of the country.

One final thing, we do not have an accent, everyone else does.
Tourist: "Yo dude I'm seeing red tee-shirts everywhere man! Is it international red day or something?"
Local: "No we're just Phillies fans:
Tourist: "But it's.....winter Spring Training doens't even start for a month"
Local: "You're in South Jersey the more red you see the farther you know you are from the North, and the better"
by Mikedog12 January 30, 2010

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Philadelphia Phillies 2011 starting rotation. (minus the fifth man)

Roy Halladay
Cliff Lee
Roy Oswalt
Cole Hamels

pun on the Beatles, aka "Phab Phour"
"The Phab Phour" dominated the Giants in the NLDS, the Braves in the NLCS, and the Red Sox in the 2011 World Series, throwing a no-hitter, 2 complete game shutouts, and a 15-strike out 2-hitter.
by Mikedog12 December 14, 2010

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