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An individual who thinks that XBox, Star Wars, comic books, action figures, TV shows, and so on are life-or-death matters that require zealotry. Such behaviors go far beyond merely being a hobby or favorite pastime. These individuals feel that social skills are not required, and see no problem with becoming hysterical over meaningless issues. They often falsely believe that they are simply showing their "inner geek", as if their behaviors are charming and a source of enjoyable humor. They also often think they are clever, and that others "just don't get it". Fanboys frequently show the characteristics of an arrogant, pseudo-intellectual, going on for hours in a droning monologue.
"Dude, that guy on Lost last night got owned! Dude!"

"You are such a fanboy, dude!"

"Am not! YOU are the fanboy, dude!"
by Mike60955 September 26, 2006

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