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Noun: An ancient & ritualistic sexual position, first practised by the Jhahabbi monks of Tasmania, Australia and Newfoundland, Canada, wherein during the course of anal sex (male-to-female in the "doggy-style" position), the male releases the totality of his over-filled bladder into the anal cavity of the female; the resulting pressure causing the excess urine to be expelled around the base of the member, while still inserted. This position is best used when the female's undergarments are still around the knees or higher, as to cause the highest chance of said undergarments being soaked the the resulting discharge.

N.B Uttering the term "the Devil's Enema" may result in thunderclaps, lightning flashes, and the sound of wolves howling in the distance.
"That skank in the bar was so hammered, I took her into the gents and gave her The Devil's Ennema without her even noticing that her pants were soaked in my piss. Can you smell that shit?"
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