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crappy emo "band". ok, they have one good song('helena'); and that song is overplayed just like 'i'm not ok'; and i'm sick of hearing it every time i turn on the tv/radio. now i hate it. whats so great about these guys. they're just the same as taking back sunday(crap) and the used(sucks). and why do ya'll(mcr fans) think that gerard way is "hott". he looks like a ugly old witch. how are mcr punk? their lyrics are emo people. you wanna here real punk? than listen to Rancid. they're punk. and the bands compare them to are better than mcr. greard can't sing for shit. and hes such a fag. kissing bert from the used. you probably listen to mcr just 'cause your friends like 'em; or 'cause you saw them on MTV. if so, then you know what you are. i've heard lots of their songs; and their "music" really isn't that good.
"em see are equals see are ae pee"
by Midnight_Rose May 11, 2005

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