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When two reluctant and kinky boys head to a remote area of a room to engage in rampantly and furiously placing the head of both of their flaccid and unused penises in a siamese conjoined adopted babies manner to have one male stretch his foreskin over the others to create a Jamestown ship to dock analogy. Both boys will giggle and be more excited than Tony the Tiger and erupt with massive loads of semen flavored cum.
While Ezekiel's dad goes to work, he invites his cuddly homo sapien-like boytoy Mario to come over and migrate to an open corner of the room to engage in Space Docking. Mario's excessive foreskin, due to the fact he was born with Crohn's disease and two Urethra's, is always used to create the boat in dock motion that makes Ezekiel keep coming back for more. Mario is also an illegal immigrant and an Auschwitz survivor.
by Mid Atlantic Space Docker December 02, 2008

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