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A sexually transmitted disease exclusive to males, most common among homosexuals and Yorkshire terriers, that results in ejaculation consisting of UV light semen and glitter sperm.
MAN1: I really enjoy the atmosphere of this gay bar. Everyone seems super happy and they're all covered in glitter. It's fabulous! The only problem is the lights are so bright that it's hard to see.

MAN2: That's because the bartender has Stage 3 Sunshine Dick, silly goose!

MAN1: Sunshine Dick?

MAN2: It's an STD. It's not deadly or even harmful, but it turns your man milk into light and glitter. Once you've had it for a while, you don't even need stimulation anymore. Just pull out that bad boy and you can frost the room!

MAN1: What if he has other STDs?

MAN2: It's common courtesy for those with Sunshine Dick to yell "Care Bear countdown" before unleashing the happy blast.
by MichaelsABadBoy May 17, 2010

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A sexual position consisting of a modified 69 where a vibrator is also inserted into the female's vagina. The female will perform oral sex on the male as in a 69, while the male will focus his tongue on the clitoris while thrusting a vibrator in and out of the female's vaginal opening.
MAN: Can I get a blowie?
FEMALE: Only if we 69. You're not that great at oral though. We should do "the 70".
MAN: What's that?
FEMALE: Take this vibrator and blast my vag hole with it while you lick my clit.
MAN: That sounds like a lot of work.
FEMALE: I deepthroat.
MAN: Deal!
by MichaelsABadBoy November 23, 2009

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