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1. to engage in the act, look for, or audition a potential sexual or romantic partner for a one night stand or a short term realtionship

2. to pursue a sexual partner for a good romp with no-strings-attached

3. a wham-bam thank-you-maam, a quick fuck
"Where's dd?"
"He went to go flava flav tonight!"
by Michael Oh! July 27, 2006
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A nickname used to described a very horny dude or dudette that hunts or preys on unsuspecting potential sexual acquaintances for a quick "dip" usually "auditioning them on a reality show" like in a bar!!! LMBFAO!
Flava Flav howz it going?

Wild!... had to send the cat home early, looking for another one tonight!
by Michael Oh! July 29, 2006
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