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Almost like regular mayonaise, but there's a catch. Payonaise is actually the product you end up with after you've used your penis as a butter knife to spread mayonaise on your sandwich. Take the P from penis and the ayonaise from mayonaise and what do you get? Payonaise. You could also use this as a slang term for man juice.
What the fuck? This shit taste like payonaise.
by Michael Bradus June 23, 2006
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Short for "I Laughed When I Read That." This term is common among a more sophisticated group of internet users. It is to be used in place of, but not entirely seperate from lol. See "ILOLWIRT."
Brandon: "Bruh, ya girlfriends tits are saggy. She look like she walked offa page 12 of National Geographic."

Mike: "ILWIRT!!"
by Michael Bradus May 30, 2008
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