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1. A band you don't know about.

2. They are allegedly from Louisiana where the four, maybe even five at first, allegedly met in the 60's in high school. They decided to go west for San Francisco, but their truck broke down and they ended up in San Mateo.
In 1971, the group sent their album "The Warner Bros. Album" to Harve Halverstadt at Warner Bros. He didn't enjoy it too much and sent it back, but becuase the band did not include a name, he sent it back to "Residents", and they adopted it as their name.
The Residents have been around for a long time and have produced many albums. They are a great band that focus on being artistic and experimenting with new technology.
1. Kid A: Do you know who The Residents are?
Kid B: Aren't they those people with the eyeballs who make shitty music?

2. Kid A: Why don't many people know of The Residents?
Kid B: More than likely because they are different.
by Michael A. S. July 15, 2005
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