SAN MATEO. pretty much the bombest place to be in Bayy Ara. Home to drifters, rich white hoes, druggies going to ivy league schools, irish pubs, hot-cheeto eating mexicanos and a few blacks/asians. Pretty much divided up into two side of the freeway is gangstaland (bayside midd school, college park, fiesta gardens) and theres the white Baywood freaks, burlingame BIS kids, the sexy centrals...other shit. Most of the gansta's hang out Downtown San mateo on Friday nights outside the theater. Hell yeah.
Damn she's hella beaner...probably from Bayside in "San Mateo".
Damn...she's hella white...probably from Baywood San Mateo.
by Shanaanagurlzz650 August 6, 2011
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Coolest part of California just a little west of San Francisco. Home of the Hillsdale Knights!!!! Also home to the Aragon Dons (boo) and the San Mateo Bobcats (real creative guys). Also home to a bunch of middle schools, including Abbott, which even if you went there, you can agree sucked.

Half of the population of San Mateo think that they're super ghetto. Someone should inform them that they don't live in Oakland because nothing bad ever happens in this hood. We're super sheltered.
San Mateo is the coolest part of Bay Area! Repping 650!
by BlueHobos June 20, 2011
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San Mateo is a medium-sized city just south of San Francisco. It rocks. The city is the home of many famous people, including Patriot's Quarterback Tom Brady.
San Mateo is way better then P-Town and R-Dub combined.
by SanMateoB&R May 10, 2005
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the best place in the bayy.california 650, includes coyote point which has the best sunsets and beaches.home to the borel bobcats and the aragon dons.has too many ghetto people but is a great place to live.nicknamed madeo.
we helluhsickk people live in san mateo!
by borelmiddleskewl November 17, 2007
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A city 30 miles west of san francisco. home to the aragon dons.
San Mateo is da illest city in northern CALI
by sushi boi March 16, 2005
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A City of 93,000 people in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has 3 public High Schools: San Mateo, Aragon and Hillsdale. By far, San Mateo High School is known as the best. Their mascot is the Bearcat, which is hella cool. In Mateo (as it is called by Locals) hella is common slang. Tom Brady is from Mateo, and went to Serra, a private religous high school, also Merv Griffin and Alicia Silverstone are from Mateo, both attended the best high school in the area, San Mateo High.
Mateo High's colors are Orange and Black, and Orange is a cool color, fosho'.
I was in my car cruisin' down 101 North, and I passed by San Mateo on my way to the San Fran Airport.
by San Mateo January 11, 2006
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San Mateo is the home of both Eastside Shorview crips and West Madeo Nortez theres a overpass that separates them both Essv is where the Polys live n the school tha we all go/went to is Bayside n our home court Shorview park maynee
But every Gang has there hangout spot n the West madeo Nortez is Central Park the school they usually went to was Abbott or borel sum West Madeoo bloods Tongan too they run H BLOCK but this is only one side of san mateo if u go near hillsdale thas where u find them rich kids Essv school is also aragon
im from EastSide Shorview Cuhh
San mateo
by Daniel ESSV cuhhz May 12, 2019
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