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The hispanic version of Cup Noodles. Maruchen is instant ramen noodles packaged in styrofoam cups. The most popular flavor is the original which just brings small pieces of vegetables but there's also different flavors available such as Chicken or Shrimp. Maruchen is especially popular amongst South Florida college students because all you do is add hot water for a quick lunch. It's also popular in cities with a high latino population.
Where are you going for lunch today?

I'm broke right now, so I'm just going to have some Maruchen.
by MiamiJenn March 8, 2008
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Formerly Keiser College, Keiser University is a popular career-focused college offering many associate and a few bachelor degrees in the most sought after fields of the moment. Keiser has many campuses all over the state of Florida. Their most poular programs are the associate degrees in the medical fields such as Radiologic Technologist, Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Nursing. Business and Criminal Justice are popular programs as well. Their majors (this school reffers to them as "programs") change as the economy and workforce change, so that they're always offering the degrees that are most in demand. The vast majority of their students don't want a traditional four year college degree and many are parents that are seeking a higher income to better support their families. Because this school is expensive, it's recommended you only attend this school if you're getting an Associate's degree in one of their medical programs which are not readily offered at most other colleges. However, if you're getting a degree that you can find almost anywhere else such as Business, this school is not worth the cost.
What college are you going to?

I don't want to be in school forever, so I'm getting my Associate's degree in Nuclear Medicine at Keiser University.
by MiamiJenn March 8, 2008
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