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A social networking site that has become a big popularity contest. All people do on it is send you gold stars and High fives trying to get you to vote on their "battles" and veiw their page to improve their popularity on the site. Many users use mass senders to do this. You basicly end up with thousands of friends that spam you every time you log in. There are very few people on there that actually use it to make friends. Then there's the occasional Cam whore that adds you. Now its even worse because now people are spending their real money for their fake lunch money and to call them selves "VIP". So if you just want to be a part of a popularity contest and be a fake the site is for you. If you just want friends to talk to stick with the other sites.
Person1: "I just signed up on myyearbook"

Person2:*shakes head* "have fun with all the spammers and Cam whores"

Typical myyearbook message: 911! Please vote form my battle and veiw my page. I'll RTF!!
by Mi5fiTxZ3r0 May 17, 2009
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