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Heavy Metal band from the Bay Area, a group of very talented musicians, James Hetfield (Rhythmn Guitar, Vocals), Kirk Hammett (Lead Guitar), Lars Ulrich (Drums) and Rob Trujillo (Bass, Backing Vocals).

That's the current line up, but as longer standing members of the band, thay've had Cliff Burton (Bass, Backing Vocals) who tragically died after a coach accident, who was then replaced by Jason Newstead, another phenomenal player, and was in the band when they recorded arguably their greatest album, 'Metallica' (or The Black Album, as it's sometimes known).

They've also had Dave Mustaine (Lead Guitarist) in the band, who was amazingly talented, but got fired due to addictions, but went on to form his own band Megadeth, and has sold around 10 Million records.

Kill 'Em All
Ride The Lightning
Master Of Puppets
...And Justice For All
Garage Inc.
St. Anger

During the recording of St Anger, they had cameras filming them, which eventually formed the Documentry 'Some Kind of Monster', which revealed cracks in the band, but they pulled through, and made a decent album, although some people didn't like it, because it related to the date at the time (No solos etc.).

Hopefully, 'Tallica should be back in the studio soon and recording a new album, on par with MoP and Metallica.
Bill: I want to get into Metallica, but I don't know where to start

Me: Well, read my absurdly long description on UD
by Metalliguy June 14, 2005

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