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One type of Wikipedia editor. RCP is an acronym for "Recent Change Patrol." The requirements for the position are almost nonexistent as far as we can determine and most are either in High School or Freshmen in college. They are paid what they are worth: nothing.

Some are good but others, don't get me started! OK, the worst ones use Wiki to provide substitute content for their miserable lives. They spend hours a day, day in day out weeks on end, merging into months and years, and they simply get off by trolling and targeting contributors. Contributors are those that actually write for Wikipedia and they are often highly educated and knowledgeable experts who actually conduct researched the topics they write about and also for nothing but grief the RCPs dish out, they offered it all up to the world free on Wikipedia.

RCP editors are techno-sadists Contributors must be their willing masochistic victims.
"Sheeze, that RCP just will not let up! What special tool did that kid get from Wiki or did he hack into my lap top and plant spy ware?"
by MerryLou_64 September 15, 2006
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