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Getting into college is simply having enough money so your college ability will meet a college acceptability.
Billy was such a dumbass in high school. However, wealthy parents and a 67% acceptance rate. Carved a path for him, a four year degree in just six years. That’s some Edumacation! !
by Merky37 March 23, 2020

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While snowboarding one leg pops out of the binding and drags on the slope behind you while your other leg is going forward in the front binding causing your legs to spread till your ass hits the snow.
Taken was snowboarding in park city Utah. When his back leg popped out if it’s binding his front leg still attached to the board. Slipping forward Talens ass hit the snow. He went coasttocoast bro! Ouch!
by Merky37 June 06, 2021

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