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Yes, many types, but mainly a person who loves to listen to techno, trance and has to be into the glowsticks or else just isn't a *raver. Good or not good they will rave, to feel the music. The good ones like to battle as to who is a better raver. Some decide to get on X and other don't, but they still have fun. Their fashion sense can vary depending on their type of person. Goggles are an option along with other cyber clothing with neon colors that glow in the blacklight. It just makes a better light show while their raving, but not all wear super baggy clothes. And they go to underground or non-underground rave parties in or away from the city. Some also tend to like body jewelry that glows in blacklight or not and they take their glowsticks everywhere. Hanging them in your car is a raver option. That's kind of the basic and ravers have their own uniqueness depending on how they want to be seen by others.
"We were on X while our raver friend, Tommy gave us a light show with his glowsticks"
by Melody Rea September 26, 2005

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