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A phrase used to describe terrible dancers.

It could refer to either a piece of meat or the police.
This is because we all know that every police officer has two left feet.
And, well, meat can't dance at all.
Person 1: Time for the funky chicken!
Person 2: Don't you dare. You dance like bacon.
by Melody Park May 07, 2006
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A retarded way to say "Oh my god"
Usually used when expressing sarcasm or... retardedness.
"Beef jerky is on sale!"
"...Omigawdz. That's amazing."

by Melody Park April 22, 2006
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An alternate title for the movie Brokeback Mountain.
Person one: Dude, have you seen Bendover Mountain yet?
Person two: Naw, I was too embarASSed to see it in theaters. Lololol!
Person one: Lololol!
by Melody Park May 07, 2006
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