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Vukosi is an amazing person.
Smart,funny reliable .Vukosis are deep and poetic and artistic and have amazing hair,they listen to good ass music an have great taste in....everything and are hard to find.Fall for girls easily,they are visionaries and want change and do the most to see that change and its easy to fall for a Vukosi so if you have one your ass better cherish him and be grateful that he's in your life.And they are great listeners and hella goofy and can always make you smile

Im seeing Vukosi today!!He's so amazing and i couldn't have been happier to have one in my life!!
by Melaninprincess April 09, 2018
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A really sweet and caring guy who is deep and falls for girls easily and its super easy to fall for him.He's reliable and a best friend and everyone who knows him loves him and hes goofy as hell and makes your life.He's into good ass music and is creative and has great hair.
Girl :Giiirl you dating a Vukosi?You're really lucky!!
I wish i was you
by Melaninprincess April 08, 2018
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