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1. Alcohol of any sort, usually liquor
2. A shot of alcohol (taken either in a shot glass or straight from the bottle)
3. A toast

See also: Chatka Time!

This is an Americanized version of a Ukrainian word meaning "Small Cup" or "Little Sip", which has been adopted to refer specifically to a small sip of booze. While the tradition began specifically with the Krawchuk family of Philadelphia, PA, the idea has spread across the country (and overseas) because who doesn't love a good Chatka Time?
1. I brought two different kinds of Chatka to the party because I like whiskey but Kat prefers tequila.

2. I think it's about time to pass around the Chatka, don't you?

3. We're having a Chatka tonight at 9pm Eastern time for Goob's birthday, don't forget!
by MelanietheGoob March 23, 2010
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See also: Chatka

1. A toast!

2. An occasion which requires a round of shots. Or a round of sips. That's the nature of Chatka Time- it's all about the small sip. It's up to you to decide how big your sip is.

3. Traditionally, it is always the response to the question, "What time is it?" and requires strong alcohol like whiskey, tequila, rum, or occasionally gin at 9:00am.

4. Recently, Chatka Time has come to include non-alcoholic beverages for those who cannot or do not partake of alcoholic beverages. Designated drivers and those on medication can still take part in the toast without sacrificing health.

See also: Na Zdrowie which is a standard Chatka toast as you raise your glass. This is a polish (and russian, and ukrainian) toast to health.
1. What time is it? Chatka Time!

2. You got the promotion? I think it's Chatka Time!

3. I heard somebody call Chatka Time. Is there enough Tullamore Dew or should we break out the rye whiskey for this one?

4. I shared your birthday Chatka Time at 9pm last night, but I was studying for a test so I raised a glass of Mountain Dew instead.
by MelanietheGoob March 23, 2010
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