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A male sex addict. He keeps his eye on the prize(sex) at all times and doesn't care what obstacles he has to overcome or how many women (or men) he makes cry or how many STDs he collects on his dick. As long as he reaches his desire, the fuck boy is happy. Believe me, no matter how much water a fuck boy drinks he will ALWAYS stay thirsty. Thats why they gotta keep at least 5 to 10 side chicks around at a time. He cant risk not having someone around to suck his dick when he needs it( which is usually daily sometimes more) poor fuck boy. He cant control his addiction. Bottom line is they have a problem. Stay away from em . DO NOT try to change him. There is no cure for this disease unfortunately. Once a fuck boy, always a fuck boy. Unless a miracle occurs of course. Then he wont be a fuck boy any more.
The fuck boy got thirsty so he decided to throw on his polo shirt, spray on some cologne and hit up his local night club. He wants to have sex. He doesnt care from who, he approaches the first chick that shows him attention. No he doesnt care if shes super hot or butt ugly. Coochie is coochie. He will do anything to get her in that bed of his. Drinks, kisses, dancing. Sure girl whatever you want as long as you agree to go to his bedroom. And by the way dont expect him to call you after the night is over. He will be gone. Like casper the ghost. On to the next one.
by Megz1616 September 25, 2017
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Basically daydreaming. Wishing or imagining something would happen that isn't exactly realistic.
Example of wishful thinking :
"He said he didn't ever want to be with me, but I know he will change his mind and come running back."
by Megz1616 October 23, 2013
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